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I've found harpists who tickle me immensely with their ability and interpretation of some of my favorite songs:

Camille and Kennerly have a YouTube channel, websites, and MP3s on Amazon as well as iTunes. I love their versions of "Paint It Black," "With Or Without You," and the featured video "Judas." (Have I mentioned I love the original video by Lady Gaga as well? Trippy as hell, it was, and hugely entertaining.) Stefan found them first, and was entertained and creeped out by their constant swaying. I can see his point: they look like they're either attempting to charm king cobras, or hamming it up for the camera, and I don't care for it myself. Still, the music's pretty. And the harps are lovely. I can't wait to get down to Phoenix to pick up my harp; I want so badly to learn to play at that level.

I've also started reading some of Tanith Lee's early fiction. I love Lee's Flat Earth series, and some of her later stories give me chills; however, her Vis novels were written to compete with the guys writing pulp epic fiction in the '60s and '70s, and The Storm Lord is a prime example of what happens when a lady of great talent and evocative descriptive ability decides to give the typical tropes a spin. You get scenes of palaces, landscapes, and people that cause your spine to want to curl up on itself set beside some of the hoariest, most sexist tropes created. The first rape occurs in the first 3 pages, and the men and women are cardboard figurines--the heroine is literally tabula rasa, except when the hero/love interest comes on the scene. Of course. I'm finishing it so I can say that I've read the worst book Tanith Lee ever wrote and still was able to get through it without hurling it against the wall. Laughing at it, yes. But not hurling it.


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