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Birthdate:Sep 24
Location:Tacoma, Washington, United States of America
This is a new journal, marking a new turn in my life. In some cultures, it was traditional for a person to take a new name when they'd completed one phase of their lives and prepared to start another. This is what I'm doing. I used to be xanath. Now, I'm the Magpie - northwestmagpie.


My love of the Northwest brought me to where I am; my love of shiny, bright things is a part of me that I've allowed myself to recognize as an important thing. People never consider that we human beings need something bright in our lives, something delicate and pretty, that can lift the spirit as well as one's eyes--we brush it aside as trivial. It isn't trivial, even though it may only be a $1 pair of plastic bangles from a discount store, or a $15 lamp from Goodwill. The heart yearns, to paraphrase from a miniseries I once watched, for something shiny.

I am still finding the parts of myself that haven't grown up to this point with the rest of me. I'm going to talk a lot about all that, as well as other things that catch my eye. I may be blunt, profane, and even rant sometimes. I hope you can deal with that, as well as the times when I'm squealing with joy over something. I go from 3 years old to 90 in 0.3 seconds flat, just so you know.

What? Oh, yeah, the bio. I'm 42 years old. I live in Washington state. I fell in love with a wonderful geek, we live together in an old house with friends (and deal with things like small children, disastrous housekeeping, and three temperamental cats), and share a joy of pretty things, sci-fi and fantasy, playing games, good Thai and Vietnamese food, and anything I cook. After nearly 18 months of contract work, I have found a job that I hope will be permanent, in south Seattle. I have no children except my cat, Lucky, who is an 18-pound tuxedo with far more heart and beauty than brains. I'm on the board of directors for a local theatre company, I'm writing and drawing again, a sub for the Seattle Silver Bells Carolers, and making plans to start taking lessons for harp and hammered dulcimer.

What else? I've spent years in Pern and Wraeththu fandom, I love movies and good music, I am learning how to bake with growing success, and plan to get a CPA and a massage therapist license. Yeah, that's ambitious. I plan on taking it slow so I don't burn myself to a crisp.

Everything else, you'll learn in my journal. You can always ask me questions. I don't bite, promise. (Well, not much. And only if you ask nicely. Chocolate is considered asking nicely.)
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