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Stefan got his notice from Port Moller again - he's leaving on May 8th. I'm not happy, but not only because I'm going to miss him. Stefan has recently been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, mainly due to exhibiting such symptoms as irrational fears about everything, horrible sleep patterns and near-constant sickness, deepening depression, and panic attacks that result in self-harm.

He's going to a clinic for therapy, and has involved his general physician. The doctor isn't ready to sign off on medication just yet, but wants to see how Stefan responds to therapy. I'm just glad he's getting therapy. We have no problems with each other; his episodes of stress, panic, and outbursts are brought on by the same parties as always. I can remove him from the environment, but his symptoms need treatment that a change of scenery won't provide.

We had a wonderful Easter with his parents, who are lovely people and always fix a wonderful dinner when we go over. This year, his mother made a boneless leg of lamb, lightly seasoned but perfectly cooked. She made a sauce with mint vinegar and marmalade that actually was a complement to the meat. I don't care for sour sauces, so I had just a little; Stefan covered his slices with it, and enjoyed it much more. Still, it was delicious, and served with couscous and asparagus.

Neither of us went to church. I don't think I could sit through a sermon without gagging on the sanctimony and platitudes, and Stefan's enough of a smart-ass that he'd probably heckle the pastor.
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