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The Pacific Northwest has something approaching four seasons. We get winter, which is usually rainy, blustery, and chilly, from . . . well, November through March. Spring starts somewhere around the end of March and lolls around until June. Around the end of June, Summer suddenly rages in, and everything's hot and muggy from July to mid-September, making everyone long for rainstorms once again. And after all that, Fall drops in, cozy and gray as a beloved old blanket.

Only occasionally have we had snow since I moved here.

December 2016 brought a couple of snowfalls, light and lovely - lacy flakes that left maybe a quarter-inch of snow on the streets. January 2017 brought only one snowfall so far. Since New Year's Day, we've mostly been gifted with ice, in the form of frost on the lawns, ice on the roads, and air that felt like having a pincushion shoved pinhead-side up through your face.

When driving on snow, I go slowly and try not to panic when it feels like my tires (which are all-weather, not studded for snow) are about to swing in a direction perpendicular to me. But this morning, there wasn't snow, just rain, plinking down in cold, silent drops. I got into the car, cleared the windshield, buckled up, started the car, drove to the first intersection off my house . . . and felt my back tires slip.

The tires are practically brand new.

It's foggy out and tomorrow's forecast is for rain & snow - "snowshowers." Lovely. I'm so glad that the commute for this job is only 10 minutes long.
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