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I'm listening to John Pinette talk about going to Italy to get dinner after spending weeks in France for an acting job. Despite the fact that he's told by the waiters that they're going to "feed him" (after he tells them, "Sono affomato," or "I'm starving"), the routine makes me salivate at the thought of a huge, multi-course meal.

Anybody who knows me knows that I love food. Occasionally, I even cook it. And on New Year's Day, I make lentils with sausage, for good luck throughout the year.

Yikes, I really hope the year goes better than this year's batch of lentils.

I got good, green lentils. I got sausage. Carrots, celery, onion - here's where I screwed up. I picked up a large red onion. While red onions taste wonderful on sandwiches or cooked with beef, they are awful when braised with lentils. They turn sharp and bitter, whereas a good white onion (or even a yellow one) adds a mellow savoriness to the stew.

Then I couldn't locate the herbs I wanted, but found a bottle of Herbes de Provence. Oh, God, why did I do that? All I wanted was a little sage, bay leaf, and parsley. Instead, I got a melange of green herbs, including . . . ::facepalms:: rosemary. Rosemary. That upped the bitter content by a factor of 100%.

Not to be outdone, I added garlic, beef stock, and then sangria wine. I wasn't thinking straight, or I would have known that just because it's a red wine I love to drink, it doesn't make it a red wine that should go in lentils. Good grief.

What I ended up with was a pot of lentils and sausage with a bitter bite and sweetness at war with each other in every bite. Oh, yeah, and the sausage braised for so long that the taste of it boarded lifeboats and headed out to sea to be rescued.


At least the spaghetti and meatballs I made turned out better.
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