Jul. 4th, 2013

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It's a holiday - granted, one that I don't celebrate the way I used to, if only because I'm not expected to. (Having to buy food for the barbeque AND prepare it, then trek all over to find a spot to watch fireworks . . . yeah, I'm happy to lounge around indoors and then head out for a nice walk on the beach afterwards.) And last night we had a bunch of teenagers get into a screaming match with a man carrying a gun. It took some time for the Tacoma police to show up, but we had already gone to the porch, swords piled on the couch for easy access, and Jason carrying an oosik. Actually, it was Stefan's oosik he was carrying. As for why it's in the house . . . I'll explain that later.

Right now, all is somewhat peaceful at the Black Rose Bar & Grill, and I'm gonna get more sleep. I had a bad day yesterday; either it was one hell of a 24-hour stomach bug, or stress and humidity combined to knock my digestive system into orbit. Feh.
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Oh, God.

It's still before noon. Why am I awake? . . . oh, wait. Yeah, that was the sound of something toppling on its side. It sounded like something heavy, too. That's why I'm up.

I live in a house with children.

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There is a betting pool in place, in case you're wondering, on how long Bob will last. Oh, not whether he's going to die - no fisherman wants to see another one bite the dust; they see too much of it each season. But they know it won't be long before Bob wrecks his boat to the point where it's nothing more than salvage material in his mind - and that'll mean Bob will go home and find a new hobby at which to suck, and locals will salvage and restore a perfectly good, extraordinarily expensive boat. A win-win situation for all is what they have in mind.

I'd like to chuck money into that pot, but I have a feeling the odds aren't all that good.


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